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Landing Gears,  Structures and Test Stands
 are just the beginning

At TCA, we specialize in precision machining of complex parts and  assemblies made from a wide variety of raw materials including aluminum, steel, stainless, exotic alloys, plastics and synthetics (for specific volumes see equipment list) with tolerances to +/- .0005 or better.

And we are very experienced in machining hard metals that most companies shy away from such as 300M, Inconel, etc.

We like to say that Titanium for us is on the easier end of the difficulty scale.

From the simple to the very complex, we efficiently manufacture products for Aerospace and Defense industries.

No matter what product, raw material or  complexity involved, we always deliver on time and to exact specifications. 

Every time.

Below are some examples of past products we have and continue to make…


Landing Gear





Test Stands

Test Stands

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